I know, I know. Redundant, right? The blog is named unashamed, now there’s a post named unashamed…you’re probably thinking, “Daniel, okay, we get it.” But, I wanted to take a post and talk about why I named the blog what I did and what I mean when I talk about being unashamed.

Rom 1:16 NKJV – For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.

There’s the main reason. Every other reason I’ll list after this ties back to that one, central, all important reason. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and the good news of His incarnation, death, and resurrection are the central reasons for every single thing in existence. It should also be the base, the foundation, of every thought I have and every decision I make. Everything comes back to that point, and I aim to be completely and totally unashamed of that.

Unashamed of…

Built on that foundation, here are some other things I want to be unashamed of:

…Who I am

Now, when I say this, I don’t mean just being ho-hum about my sin or to ignore personality traits I’ve let get out of hand. I don’t mean to just blow it off or make an excuse for laziness. I never want to say, “Oh, I’m just not a (fill in your problem subject here) person.” These likes and dislikes are all within the parameters of God’s word. If something is outside of the boundaries set in God’s word, then we can all agree that it is not His will and, even if we enjoy it, it’s our flesh.  When I say being unashamed of who I am, I mean following the Lord wholeheartedly, and allowing Him to show me who I am in Him; who He made me to be. Being unashamed of that and enjoying the things He hardwired me to enjoy. Chasing the dreams He has laid on my heart with a passion for Him. In my case, one of those things is music. I love music; almost any kind of music. Musical instruments fascinate me. The different sounds they can make and how the instrumentalist achieves those sounds. Writing is another thing I enjoy. The mechanics of writing and the ability to express myself in words. Literature is another. The list goes on. I want to pursue and enjoy these things without being afraid of what others may think.

Quite honestly, I struggle with that, especially in starting this blog. Like I said, writing is a means of expressing yourself. I also see it as a way of giving people a glimpse into my head and heart. When I publish this post, I will be allowing you to look at a part of me; that scares me. But I think it will help me to grow in my writing ability, maybe even as a person, and it will push me out of my comfort zone, as I said in the first post on this blog. My goal is to grow in the Lord. One of the most effective ways to grow is to force myself beyond things I’m comfortable in. I believe that when we confine ourselves to our comfort zone, we’re limiting our growth. The Lord often has to give me a nudge in the direction of the edge, but I’d like to think I’m learning to be a bit more willing. That leads me to the next thing.

…My Calling

I want to be unashamed of the calling God has placed on my life. Wherever He should lead me, I want to be bold and willing to go, not caring about what the world says or thinks of me. Even be willing to sacrifice something that I may really want in order to follow God’s call. I want to be wholly and completely devoted to Jesus Christ, and Him alone. No one and no thing should be allowed to come between me and my Savior. Now, I admit that whether something comes between me and God is up to me. I admit to allowing things to come between myself and God, but I also know that God is still working on me. I focus my eyes on the Lord and let the works follow. That doesn’t mean I don’t put in effort and work, but it means the works are not my focus. The amount of good things I do is not the focus. My focus is growing closer to and following my God with abandon. Loving Him with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength. The works simply flow out of that love for my Father in heaven.

One More Reason…

Even as I was writing the parts of this post you’ve already read, I realized another reason for my starting this: writing and keeping up with this will give me some accountability. Knowing that others know some of my goals and struggles will keep me accountable. I want to be unashamed of where I am in life, and praise God for His love and grace, while simultaneously striving to follow His word and will. I want to be molded more into the image of Christ, and I want to invite you along for the journey. I know I’ll learn something. I like to hope that maybe you’ll learn something, too. And maybe, with some help from the Lord, there’ll be a little bit of both.


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